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Since 1972, C & W Industrial has worked with numerous governments, offshore oil companies and seafood processers to deliver high quality, custom boats, barges and seafood processing equipment to suit their needs. We are fully certified through the Canadian Welding Bureau, have first class facilities and employ more than 70 highly qualified design and production experts, including:

  • Engineering & Drafting Staff

  • Supervisors

  • Quality Assurance Manager

  • Welders

  • Machinists

  • CNC/Laser Operators

  • Brake/Shears Operators

  • Administrative Staff


At C & W Industrial, we take a personalized approach to customer service. We believe in identifying your company’s unique need in order to create the best, most logical and efficient piece of equipment for your needs. We work with various associations to come up with new methods of improving production, efficiency and yield. And, because C & W Industrial is committed to giving back to the community, we support several local organizations and associations.


At C & W Industrial, we are committed to achieving customer satisfaction by delivering quality products that exceed our customer's expectations. Our focus on continually improving our methods and processes is our means of achieving operational excellence and continuing to build customer trust.

If you’re interested in getting a free quote, please contact us today! If you’re already one of our clients, please consider giving us some feedback—we’re always in the process of improving.


A Canadian / Chinese consultant with Canadian Citizenship, of Beijing Pro-Nature Management Consulting Ltd., specializing in cross-border business projects of mutual investments, business partnership, due diligence or investigation, language interpretation and travel services, etc. is seeking clients in Canada. The company is registered in Beijing and experienced in Mining, Manufacturing, Fishery and Trading Projects. Local references available.

Please contact Philip Xie @

CWB Certified CSA W47.2
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