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Aluminum Boat Construction (19' to 35')

We have built over 200 boats since 1982, including aluminum work boats, semi displacement boats, fast rescue craft, high speed patrol boats, pleasure boats, sea trucks, seine skiffs, pontoon boats, offal barges, fishing boats, passenger ferries, and oil recovery barges.

58 High Speed Patrol Boats

In May of 1999, C & W Industrial delivered its final shipment of 33 Patrol Boats to the Venezuelan National Guard to complete the contract of 58. These high speed boats ranged in size from 26' to 35' and obtained speeds in excess of 60 mph. Each boat was equipped with twin outboard engines, fuel and fresh water tanks, radar, Very High Frequency (VHF), GPS, loud hailer, private frequency radio, navigation and search lights, radar arch, trailer and dual gun mounts fore and aft.

High Speed Fishing Boats

C & W Industrial recently completed its second high speed fishing boat. This boat is 30' long and 10.5' wide and is complete with a 225hp MerCruiser Indoor/Outdoor (I/O) with Bravo II Stern Drive, below deck fuel and water tanks, a forward cabin and v-berth. The previous high speed fishing boat was a 28' by 10.5' wide boat complete with 185hp Volvo stern drive and obtained a top speed of 33 mph.

Passenger Ferry

C & W Industrial has completed its first passenger ferry for the French Colony of St. Pierre et Miquelon. This vessel is 34' long by 14' wide and can accommodate 36 passengers and 2 crew members. The ferry has twin 150hp MerCruiser inboard/outboard engines and Bravo II stern drives. All necessary electronics and navigation lights were included plus a head and CO2 system in the engine room.

Fast Rescue Craft (FRC)

C & W Industrial has manufactured 6 Wave Breaker Fast Rescue Crafts. The Canadian Coast guard currently has one of these FRCs stationed aboard a Coast Guard vessel called the Sir Wilfred Grenfell. After 8 years, the original engine and hull is still in service. These units are used for rescuing persons in man-overboard situations and boarding other vessels in routine fishery patrols. Each unit was equipped with twin 200 HP outboard motors, hydraulic steering and Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) radios. They are also equipped with electronic navigation equipment including radar, VHF, GPS and color depth sounder.

Sea Trucks

C & W Industrial has fabricated 16 Sea Trucks to aid in oil spill recovery. These Sea Trucks are complete with electronics, navigation lights and twin 200hp outboard motors. They are able to obtain a top speed of 30 knots. All Sea Trucks come complete with below deck storage and retractable bow gates.

Aluminum Tow Barges

C & W Industrial has manufactured six aluminum tow barges designed to carry equipment, which can be used to contain an oil spill over coastal marine waters. The vessels carry oil skimmers, booms, pumps, generators and other equipment. Each barge is designed to carry 50 tons of recovered oil, which can then be taken ashore and unloaded quickly. Eastern Canada Response Corporation originally only provided the specifications and general layout to build these vessels. They were pleased with our vessels. One of the reasons for this is because we made many modifications to the design during production, which enhanced the operational effectiveness of the vessels.

Pontoon Barges

C & W has fabricated six aluminum 40' pontoon barges. The hulls are designed to carry large payloads of various cargo related to the aquaculture industry. The pontoons have a diameter of up to 36' and can carry up to 5 tons of cargo. These are very stable craft, which can be dismantled and shipped by truck or freighter.

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